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Join us on the journey

You can contribute to Adara in your own unique way.

Over distance or at Adara Farmstay.

Handen in aarde

Adara is about small-scale, effective change. Donations are directly invested.

This way we directly address local community development, climate change,

inequality and sustainable living. By making a contribution that feels good to you,

you empower an authentic project with a big perspective and a big heart

make difference on local and global scale.


We love to co-create this place with others. We invite people that share a vision of a more sustainable world and who'd like to bring in eco friendly ideas. Besides this we want to share and enjoy together with you a beautiful process of good. Contact us if you want to join for:

Woodwork - if you are an enthousiastic carpenter you can help out a lot! Pick your project: kitchen interiors / making furniture (beds / couch / dining area) renovating some windows and doors. We'd love to have a homestay with handcrafted wooden furniture that can inspire others.
Helping hands - for paint removal, plastering and painting indoors. We want to use eco-friendly ways. If you know anything about it or want to learn by doing and exploring: very welcome!
Organic garden - it's great to have someone with permaculture/gardening experience. The house is surrounded by 1.5 acre of land divided by terraces with fruit trees and a polyhouse. We want to show that it is possible to have a productive garden on a smaller scale.
Quality education - giving tuitions to children (11-18 years old). It's a free program: every day is different. We teach English, maths, yoga, paint, cooking, etc. in an interactive way. Our main focus is to support children in growing confidence about their own abilities and expose them to a variety of activities. 
Digital work - photographing, videographing, creating social media content, and so on. It would be helpful if you come with your own camera.


If you have any other skills and you feel like joining, please let us know.

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